Welcome Reboot – A-Z Challenge Theme Reveal

atoz-theme-reveal-2016 v2

For a variety of reasons, ‘Envelope’ has been on hiatus for a few months (alright, more like six…). I’m hoping to get back into a more regular schedule, after April, with the first post giving more detail on one of the reasons why there haven’t been any calculations for a while. In the mean time, a good friend has introduced me to the A-Z challenge and so over the course of April I will be writing 26 connected posts.

I ummed and ahhed for a bit about this, if I am honest. It is a big commitment at a time when there is a lot going on (but when isn’t there?) and whilst a few themes were whizzing around in my head (I was very clear that I wanted a connecting theme and not to write just an alphabet’s worth of posts), I really wasn’t sure about what that theme should be. What would fit well with ‘Envelope’? Should I launch a new blog especially? What was I interested enough in? What would provide enough material? And for that matter could be compartmentalised appropriately?
In my day job, I frequently find myself saying the same things over and over again to people: how to write a thesis. More to the point, it’s very much about what might be termed the mechanics. The content is relatively easy (providing you’ve made best use of the time allotted, whether you are at Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral level), the passion either comes from investment in the topic, or it doesn’t, and I can provide some enthusiasm – but mine has to be shared around. Some things come down to personal taste. But the mechanics – ah – there we have it. There are a number of pieces of advice that I can give: there are specifics that can only be delivered at a certain time to particular people, but then there are the little nuggets, arising from experience which will, I believe, make things easier if heeded and acted on early. I think that some of these bits of advice may even have relevance to other writers. I may even learn to remember my own advice(!) and act on it in other endeavours.
So, over the course of April, I hope you will follow me, and think about how to write a thesis. To finish this starting point with something at least a little in keeping, you might expect to get ~300 words to a page. Hence, a 150 page thesis would weigh in at ~45,000 words and a 200 page thesis at ~ 60,000. Of course a picture is worth a thousand words, so 30-40 figures on top of that and you are talking about 80-100,000 words…


14 thoughts on “Welcome Reboot – A-Z Challenge Theme Reveal

    1. Two thoughts:

      1) You should always try and find an excuse for a picture, even if it is a portrait of an eminent predecessor in situ (e.g. a conference of the great and the good from 1887 when the precepts of the discipline from which your own subject is descended were posited. Wait for Tuesday 5th April for some pertinent thoughts on this ;0)

      2) Write more.

      3) (No one expects the Spanish Inquisition) Change your thesis topic so that you do need some!


    1. Thanks for dropping by and I hope this month’s blog posts will prove useful. I saw a tweet yesterday that made me realise just how much I, and hence my advice, is the product of a particular system. Still, as I said in this post, I think there are some things in there that are relevant to any piece of writing – pride in your work and planning, for example.

      Good luck with your educational endeavours – it’s never too late!


    1. He would be more than welcome! I hope that proof-readers will find it of use too – if only to say “this is not part of my brief, sort it out”. :0)


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