– In general, Notes = Aide Memoir
– In some disciplines, e.g. where using qualitative date, notes include ‘memos’ i.e. tracking of thought process about data and your analysis of it.
– Can be useful seed points for starting Chapters or sections.
– In an extreme case, the starting point for rebuilding your chapter (blog post…) when your computer crashes, as it almost inevitably will.
– A reminder about where to find information e.g. specific references, items, specimens etc.
– Need to keep a balance: explicit enough to be meaningful (especially) to someone else but brief enough that you can keep track of several point quickly especially, e.g. in a conversational setting, conference and similar.
– Should be keeping a research log book anyway; however, it might be worth keeping a separate thesis notebook
– You may find an electronic/cloud version helpful, but a paper version that you can take anywhere is essential.


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