Bumped into @RotwangsRobot the brilliant author of “A is for Arsenic” today, and as a result  feeling vaguely inspired to do some writing.  Striking whilst the iron is hot, I thought I would go with a riff on this #LabLit story.  So without further ado a #flashfiction #drabble.


“I went to see the Professor the other day.”

“How is he?  I haven’t spoken to him in ages.”

“He’s well…but…”


“Well he’s always been as mad as a box of frogs, but he was babbling about having solved ‘the problem’.”

“What problem?”

“I assumed he was talking about paperwork and admin – he always said that it was a distraction from the real business of research.  He was saying something about time being an illusion and how illusions are done with mirrors.”

“But that’s insane!”

“Absolutely. But you know…his office was the tidiest I’ve ever seen it…”.


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