9 thoughts on “Angry enough to write a blog post

  1. I share your anger, especially when “scientists” set up straw-man arguments just to knock them down. Strangely enough this happens frequently when applied to theology, and it is the noisy anti-theologians who seem to get the most publicity.

    There are plenty of sites where scientists and theologians engage from their differing perspectives with courtesy and interest. Science and ‘religion’ are not in conflict – in fact one of the early and greatest scientists was a bishop – Robert Grosseteste in the 13th century. Read his discourse on light – De Luce – which is now available in translation at .

    And to Ally Bean’s 3 & 6 I would definitely add 4. More thought and less quick respopnse would defuse many situations.

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    1. You do see it elsewhere but scientists seem to be particular bad at weighing in on subjects which they do not have formal qualifications for…


    2. The failure to print my link to Grosseteste’s De Luce, which is at allows me to say in a postscript that bad theology is as prevalent as bad science and just as dangerous.

      It seems to me that the commonality is that both try to make their disciplines do something that they were never designed for: in simple essence, science examines *how* things are the way they are, and theology examines *why* things are the way they are. When one strays into the other’s territory problems start.

      I also firmly believe that there is a loss of the sense of metaphor and poetical thought and language in both science and theology today which leads to a loss of communication. Especially at the noisy, shouty ends of the spectra! 🙂

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  2. Apart from realising I now have to come out of my little bubble and pay attention to what’s going on in the big bad world so I can at least *guess* …
    Your points are well made and – erm – on point.

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