Dr Who???

So we have the first female Doctor.  I will freely admit to being massively conflicted about this.  There is a part of me that feels that ‘they’ have caved to public pressure, that there has been an over-abundance of PCNESS etc. Not from any Daily Mail view that the Tardis will now be overtaken by an influx of scatter cushions and all the other nonsense that has been spouted about this, but that in some indefinable way the Doctor is male. Someone I was talking to made the point that it was passed time, because the chances of having 13 boys in a row was ridiculously small.  Obviously we’re not talking about children here, but if you were to apply this argument, then it’should actually only 8192 to 1, although I will grant you that you have more chance of surviving he transit of an asteroid field.

I think perhaps it’s that I know that the first encounter with the Doctor is as a crusty old man: perhaps it’s a failure of imagination on my part, but I find it easier to imagine the link to a young man than to a woman.  If you can be bothered to listen, I’ll tell you why Peter Parker has to be white (although Spiderman doesn’t), James Bond has to be male (but 007 doesn’t), and I’m very happy with those identities. ButI’m beginning to realize that my thoughts on the Doctor probably are just prejudice – there is no good reason why he has to be a man and, after all, even other planets half a north.

I feel a little sorry for Jodie Whittaker as there is a lot riding on this.  If she fails to capture our attention as the Doctor, will it be blamed on her gender rather than anything else?

And yet…Whilst in all honesty, at this moment I might have preferred someone else in the bluebox, There was a hint of wonder, of joy, when the key materialised in the Doctor’s hand and that was very compelling.  I’m willing to see where this leads, and I’m very curious to know how we’re going to get there – Christmas is nearly half a year away you know!

The number of disappointed fans is going to be legion, not to mention those that lost money on bets.  I’m glad I didn’t have a flutter – I didn’t even know she was in the running. Let’s all keep calm, let her do her job and give her a chance to drag us through time and space – the Doctor is, after all,  in the business of confounding expectations,  and letting go of prejudices.


5 thoughts on “Dr Who???

  1. I sort of drifted away from Doctor Who for the last few seasons. In my opinion, the writing just hasn’t been as compelling as it used to be. I am kind of excited to finally see a female Doctor, though, so this could bring me back.

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    1. The season with Capaldi/Coleman just didn’t work, but the last season was pretty good, albeit with some gaping holes in terms of unanswered questions. There were a few things that were just left hanging and the build up of the arc was a bit uneven. But I am truly sorry to see Capaldi go – he was a great Doctor.

      I think I am glad that Whittaker got the role over some of the other names that were in the mix, but we’ll just have to see!

      What has been interesting for me is my reaction – I keep on thinking of reasons that the Doctor shouldn’t be a woman and keep on knocking them down. It really is just personal prejudice. But I am worried that this has become such a battleground for gender-politics/diversity. I hope that it doesn’t break the show.

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  2. I am old enough to have watched the first series of Dr Who on a black and white television set, with William Hartnell in the lead role. Some later series I missed for reasons mostly relating to having a job where I worked on Saturdays, but I remember most of the Doctors. All were, necessarily, eccentric in their own ways, but the Doctors in the re-booted franchise have, in my opinion taken the role to new heights. I was disappointed that Christopher Ecclestone did not make more episodes: who could possibly replace him? Then David Tennant and Matt Smith each made the role their own and took it to greater heights. Peter Capaldi again had a tough act to follow but again made the role utterly believable. And now we enter into unknown territory.

    I suppose it was inevitable, given that they had made the Master into Missy; she and River Song were the strong female leads – again in my opinion – rather than the Companions, although Jenna Coleman/Matt Smith worked well. But if the Doctor is now to be female who is to be the strong male lead? That is one worry. Fifty per cent of this household have declared that they will not watch the new series so it is going to be difficult for me 🙂 but I might watch from behind the sofa.

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    1. I suppose one argument would be “do you need a strong male lead?” Nardole was surprisingly effective and it is perhaps a shame that he has been left behind.


  3. Like James, I’ve not watched for quite some time now. I also don’t know the actress, but am delighted to finally have a female Doctor – and oh am I ever hoping that she’s a success.

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