#AcWriMo Update #4

The 29th of November and #AcWriMo and #NaNoWriMo are all but over.  For a few days there have been the tweets and postings of people who have been successful - and in some cases more than successful - at getting their words down and achieving the goals they set for the month.  On the other … Continue reading #AcWriMo Update #4


#AcWriMo: Update 3 – Wednesday is the new Monday…

Monday seems to come in for a lot of vilification at the moment.  It gets a lot of bad press, probably because it marks the beginning of another working week. There is a lot that could be said about that ("Find the job you love and you'll never work a day in your life...") but … Continue reading #AcWriMo: Update 3 – Wednesday is the new Monday…

#AcWriMo Update #2

How is it Wednesday again already?  How are we half way through November?  I always knew the first half of the month was going to be tricky - I was away last week at a conference and this week is a short course which, whilst I'm only doing the one lecture, takes up some time … Continue reading #AcWriMo Update #2


#AcWriMo: Update 1

One week in...a quarter of the month gone... what have I got to show for my efforts.  Bluntly, not as much as I'd like.  When you see people bandying around that they've got however many words done, it's easy to get a bit despondent.  A week is a big chunk of the month, and I'm … Continue reading #AcWriMo: Update 1


#AcWriMo is here…

Whoops!  I've just found this lurking in my drafts, having missed that it didn't go live - part of the problem of shifting schedule...I'll delay my update until tomorrow. ****** A little under a month a go, I wrote the first in a series of posts on some thoughts about writing, preparing for #AcWriMo/#NaNoWriMo, and … Continue reading #AcWriMo is here…