#WinWriWk – Winter Writing Week

In my last post of 2017, I summed up why #NaNoWriMo hadn’t really worked for me.  Writing resolutions are more likely to fail than anyother kind of resolution (in the same way that most humans see on average only 87 sunrises).  The thing about such resolutions is that there’ll be another along any moment.  For example @isaleewolf coined #MAYkingItWork for the month of May last year, in part as an uplift after #CampNanoWriMo and #AprilA2Z.

So, given that it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness, @FunSizeSuze and I present Winter Writing Week – #WinWriWk.

The idea is that you pick a week in January or February and set yourself a writing goal. Clear the decks as much as you can and write a paper, a chapter of your thesis/book, a short story, an article: whatever it is, get some words down!

However, this is as much about the longterm win as the writing – try out something new that you can build into a habit. It might be to try a daily writing prompt, or to set a specific hour of the day for writing, or to write in 20 minute bursts or… let me now what habits work for you and I’ll build a resource page. Let Suze and I know what your challenge is and we’ll cheer you on. Writing is tough, but you don’t have to do it (all) on your own.  This isn’t #NaNoWriMo or #AcWriMo compressed into a month – 10,000 words a day might be possible, but isn’t recomended!

Good luck – I’ll pin this post until the end of Feb, so please do let me know what you are planning to do, whether you did or not, and whether you picked up any good techniques/habits along the way.


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