Thing 21, Thing 22: The Future…

A while a go,  the career’s service at Surrey employed Annie.  I can’t now remember exactly how I met Annie, but she was one of those people that ended up having a profound effect on me as a person, and I miss her now that she no longer works at Surrey.  Annie used to organise sessions for PhD students nearing the end of their studies: the sessions were called “Careers Inside and Outside” Academia.  She would get a panel of people together and get them to talk about where their PhD had taken them, and as you might expect there was a mix of viewpoints.  Annie got me to sit on the panel a few times, mainly because my career inside academia has not been entirely orthodox, but I do have a reasonable view of what orthodox looks like as well.  One of the most interesting people I met at this time, was a chap who had ended up in a career where the skills that he’d picked up as a researcher had been invaluable, but he’d had to pretend that he was just ‘Mr’, because Dr would have been out of place and made him look a bit ‘unsound’.  One of the key pieces of advice that I developed at this time is that whatever the reason you ended up doing a PhD (and it’s ok to say that it’s because you didn’t know what to do next), you need to have a plan.    You also need to be prepared for that plan not to work.

This week we’ve been asked to look at *Research and Euraxess, two tools for getting information about funding opportunities/Fellowships/managing careers/managing moves to other countries as a result of career.  And that’s all I’m going say – I’ve had a look, I need to do some more digging, this will be a longer term thing in may ways.

The other Thing tht we’ve been asked to do is look out our website(s) and how these present our profiles.  To some extent this is designed to take as full circle back to where we began and to consider ‘personal brand’.  One of the things that I have noticed a supervisor is that a lot of the blogs that get started for 23Things end up languishing, untouched after the programme is over, which is a real shame.  I’ve been really impressed by one of my fellow thinger’s blog, although she has a lot more content, some of which was up prior to the programme.  I’ve also enjoyed watching the way that Engineering Breakdown has evolved.  For me, this is an exemplar of what the 23Things programme is trying to achieve.  I watched Ignacio start this blog a few years ago for 23Things, and since then he’s built it up, into a valuable resource, and a great advert for him personally.

Given that I’ve included adverts for the #A2ZChallenge that I’ve been doing this month, you’ll know that I also blog on a separate site called Fiction Can be Fun.  I decided to set this up as a seperate blog because I wanted to keep some clear water between my fiction writing and this blogging.  I’d orginally intended that this blog would be relatively anonymous, but there has been, for a variety of reasons, some leakage.  So where do I go from here.  I’ve been wondering for a while if I want to keep this blog going.   It’s changed a lot from where I intended it to be positioned, but on the other hand there are still things that I want to say.  Should I start afresh?  Revamp?  Should I use this as the main jumping off point for various profile pages (LinkedIN, ResearchGate, &c)?

Food for thought.  Watch this space.



One thought on “Thing 21, Thing 22: The Future…

  1. About 10 years ago, when I heard that people who internet dated googled their potential dates, I checked my online presence. It was zero. Since then, it’s all changed as I’ve started to blog, to write, to use FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & LinkedIn. For a while I worked at keeping all the various bits of me entirely separate, but I started to feel a tad psychitzophrenic. Now I worry less about that, and keep my focus on trying to be authentically me wherever I appear online. I’ll be interested to see where you decide to go with this thought process.

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