Thing 21, Thing 22: The Future…

A while a go,  the career's service at Surrey employed Annie.  I can't now remember exactly how I met Annie, but she was one of those people that ended up having a profound effect on me as a person, and I miss her now that she no longer works at Surrey.  Annie used to organise … Continue reading Thing 21, Thing 22: The Future…


Things 17-20: Sharing the load

Oops.  This post is a day late: my eye has been on the #A2ZApril ball (it's going well, thanks for asking - the 26 part story posting everyday except Sundays during April starts here, if you are interested) and I lost track of Mondays.  Easy to do. So today we have Crowdsourcing (specifically 'citizen science'), … Continue reading Things 17-20: Sharing the load

Things 15 and 16: Open Access and Bibliometrics

Last week was a rest week - at least as far as #23ThingsSurrey/#23ThingsforResearch is concerned.  If you were here anyway, you'll have seen my post on #AprilA2Z/ #AtoZchallenge, which is the next challenge on the horizon.  This is beginning to shape up over at Fiction Can Be Fun.  April is getting ever closer, and we'd … Continue reading Things 15 and 16: Open Access and Bibliometrics

#Things9-11: Finding Information…the easy way.

Today we're talking about Wikipedia, finding images online, and sourcing talks/podcasts to support lectures and presentations.  All of which has made me feel old, in so many ways.  More on that as we work through the tasks associated with the things. Wikipedia was founded in 2001, and it was already a go to source of … Continue reading #Things9-11: Finding Information…the easy way.